Does UIPath work if Windows has failed to activate itself?

I re-used a VM to keep UIpath contained, and at some point it lost it’s activation, so it displays the message that it’s not activated. I even updated Windows to try to install newer .NET to make UIPath happy.

I’m also having problems getting basic fundamental activities to work. I can’t get any “exists” activity to work.

Are these two related? Does UIPath care if Windows is or is not activated?

Also, I’ve noticed that the activation message comes and goes, so there’s that too lol

Any unistallation or reinstallation happened?

Of Windows? No. At that point, I would just delete the VM and build a new one.

Can you pls elaborate?

On what?

UIpath will care for windows activation .

I uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled the community edition. Same problem.

Windows does not display the activation message, meaning that it’s activated.

Text exists still fails.

Can you share the error please?

1 is the problem, 2 is the error that UIPath runs into.

1 is failing to evaluate properly, which is why I get a runtime error at 2.

You have posted wrong Screenshot i believe . This screenshot shows error is due to selector issue

Try to readd Mozilla Extension again

No, I’m pretty sure we’ve got an interpersonal communication error.

Not really.

I have to assume the lost activation concerns the Windows, and not UiPath. In that case, see above - no issue for UiPath.

Whenever an issue like that occurs for me, I try to simply the example. For example, in this case I would open Notepad, type in there 404 [Routes] and try to point my Text Exists activity to the Notepad window. If it works with that, then I just eliminated a few factors from the equation.

Please give it a quick test.

So far, the only problem I have been able to determine about an unactivated Windows is if UIPath is looking at the screen, it will see the text overlay, and therefore presumably interfere with any OCR scanning.

As far as my problem, I gave up on the -Exists activities, and I’m using Get Text to pull the text, and then doing my own comparison. It seems to be working for this project, but I am deeply concerned that the activity fails.

If I ever finish this lesson and certification process, I’ll consider spending time on debugging UIPath activities, but I am not particularly motivated to do so.