Does UiPath Studio/ Robot able to install on Windows Server version? (eg. 2012)

Does UiPath Studio/ Robot able to install on Windows Server version? (eg. 2012)

  • I have got an issue while installing UiPath Studio in Windows Server 2012 to be one of a test Robot in different Wins server. It shown error while restart service (hit timeout), but I have no issue with Win7 or Win8.

Thank you very much.
Patom P


Could you check your version of .NET? You should have at least version 4.6.
This is how you could check: Determine which .NET Framework versions are installed - .NET Framework | Microsoft Learn
Also what version of Studio you have installed?


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1 - Windows 2012 Server, We are trying to Setup UIPath in Remote Desktop in Client Server Machine.

2 - Downloaded Community Edition - We observed that, we could not Install UIPath Community in Windows 2012 Server - Instead it is opening like an executable file - Our code is running Okay in UIPath Studio and below are the observation.

A - UIPath not installed like in Windows 8 or 10 Machine - It is opening directly.

B - Studio UIPath - Activation, it is asking for every time.

C - Main Issue - Installed activities are not present when we re-open again - Example Word and Excel Activity - We installed these activities and run code - All working fine - Close Studio, open again, Installed Activities are not present and we need to install these activities in UIPath Studio again.

We decided not to close UIPath Studio to overcome this issue - Server will be on always.

Any Suggestion, Why UIPath Behavior is different in Windows Server, Compared to Windows 8 or 10 machine.

Thanking You.


It seems like you are opening the .exe installer instead of the Studio’s shortcut. That means you are installing each time, again and again.