Does UiPath have an "Environment Lock" Functionality, where only one process can work on a particular part of the process at a time?

I am in the process of migrating some processes from Blue Prism to UiPath, and all of our processes use the “Environment Lock” feature in Blue Prism so that when one machine is doing a certain part of the queue, it grabs the lock and the other machines have to wait until the lock is returned to proceed.

Older forum questions have mentioned that this feature doesn’t exist in UiPath, but they were all 2018 and before so I’m not sure if that has changed.

Hi @mathilda.murray

One way to handle locking mechanisms in UiPath is by leveraging the Orchestrator’s Queue functionality. You can configure the queue items with specific statuses to indicate whether they are being processed or available for processing. Each robot can then check the status of the queue item before starting to process it, effectively creating a lock mechanism.


@mathilda.murray No, UiPath does not have a built-in “Environment Lock” functionality. However, you can implement a custom lock mechanism using UiPath activities and shared resources like files or databases to ensure that only one process can work on a specific part of a process at a time. The Environment lock concept is in Blue Prism only which handshakes between two sessions.

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