Does UiPath have a pop-up array display feature? If not, can you make it?

Hi team,
I’m doing the practice activity (solution Practice 3 - (11.7 KB) ). In the process of building the array, is there a function to display the array?
I used:
array = {“Ax001”,“Ax002”,“Ax003”,“Ax004”,“Ax005”,“Bx001”,“Bx002”,“Bx003”,“Cx001”,“Cx002”,“Cx003”,“Cx004”}
stringofarray = string.Join(",",array)
writeline: text: stringofarray

However, in my past I used AutoIt, which has a neat _Arraydisplay function.

Could we have something like this in UiPath?

Attached is a simple script to display the array shown and the respective UDFs associated with the functions.

#include <Array.au3>

Local $aArray[12] = [“Ax001”,“Ax002”,“Ax003”,“Ax004”,“Ax005”,“Bx001”,“Bx002”,“Bx003”,“Cx001”,“Cx002”,“Cx003”,“Cx004”]


Autoit (26.1 KB)

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