Does UiPath autosave the xaml?

Does UiPath autosave the xaml ? If yes, then what is the default time and can it be changed?

UiPath does perform the auto save after every 30 sec(default time) and if  UiPath crashes then it will create a backup file like Main(AutoSaved).xaml

The default time can also be changed by changing the parameter ‘AutoSaveInterval’ as mentioned below:
For version upto 2018.2:
‘AutoSaveInterval’ is present in the ‘UiStudio.exe.config’ file which is placed in the studio installation folder .Default path is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio’

For later versions:
‘AutoSaveInterval’ is present in the ‘UiStudio.v2.settings’ file which  is placed in the path '%localappdata%UiPath’

Also for 2019.x versions, this can be changed from the Studio UI itself. Refer below screenshot: