Does UI path supports xpath for web automation

I am trying to automate the same scenario used in the demo for sales force contact import but I could see the element position is not fixed and some I am getting the error in the Firefox for adobe plugin crash so the element positions gets changed and my script gets failed. most of the time I am not able to write in the textbox
I tried using find element also but that also does not work.

You can open your selector in “UiExplorer”, It will give list of option available to build selector.

UiPath have “css-selector” which is similar to xpath for web automation.

New to ui path … tried opening cases in sales force search , it opened case console . Then i passed new case number and try searching case it failed… i hv compared selectors , send time selector had case id in title… please suggest if any idea to back to back case opening

@Aditipatil - You can use wild card () e.g. title="Search Result"

Hello @kuldip.gohil tried could not work using




I would also like to know how to click an element using its xpath. Has anyone found a solution for this?

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Has anyone found any solution?!