Does UI path supports automation for desktop applications on old technology such as & asp?

Organization for which I am currently working, we have below requirement, we want a tool for automation testing which will be do a job for mobile app testing & web app testing & api testing & desktop application testing. Can UI path will be a option that we can consider for this? One last question is will UI path support automation testing of desktop application which is built on & asp technology ?

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My organization have same requirement.

Hi @bhvshds and @Shivam1 UiPath can definitely do this(mobile app testing & web app testing & api testing & desktop application testing). UiPath is built on .Net framework and will support and asp seamlessly.

Hi @shetanshudhar thanks for reply,

It will be very helpful if you share important link, Docs for achieving the same requirements.

And one question

Do I have to use Uipath test suite or we can achieve by using UiPath studio it self. what you recommend.


Hi @Shivam1 install and open uipath , you will see it gives option for 2 kinds of projects (.net and C# ), other stuff can be googled. You can also contact UiPath Support team if you need a detailed feasibility study.

Yes, we can automated desktop application with old technologies.
In my earlier project,

  1. We launched the application through exe
  2. used the normal activities to find and update the application fields.