Does Ui path support websites developed using Angular or Angular JS?

Hi Team,

We have got a project requirement to automate a process and that portal is developed in angular. I am aware there will not be ID or names for html elements developed in Angular. Could anyone suggest on this?

Yes, the ID & names will be dynamic hence selector cannot be used. You may have to use “Click Image”. You will face this problem with any RPA tool.

@Boopathi it is not usually normal practice for there not to be name attributes for input in an Angular application. If this is an Angular 2+ project then more than likely they used the reactive form builder and would have used formControlName so you should be able to target it the same way you would name or ID.

Hope this helps in the future as I am sure at this point you have moved on.

1 - you need to hire skilled Angular developer :smile:

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