Does the Workflow Analyzer have check for "hard reference" selectors?

Does the Workflow Analyzer have anything within “UI Automation Classic” (which we are still using) or “UI Automation Modern” which checks selectors inside of Browser Scopes for what I’d call “hard references” ?

Meaning UI Explorer typically includes the “chrome.exe” upper level selector with its Tab name. If the tab names changes (like say version #.# in a patch update) later, well, things break on activities like click, or type, etc even if you are using a Browser Variable within the parent scope activity.

I have been caught by this even though I try to address reference selectors as I develop … but sometimes … I miss one.

If the Workflow Analyzer does not have this (looking just a bit ago I did not notice anything obvious), how do people typically handle this hard reference situation before going to Production ?


Workflow Analyzer always make sure that our code follows a set of rules that were already defined. Below are the few steps to handle the above issue

  • Make sure the browser does not undergo patch update very frequently without any prior information
  • Try to maintain the same chrome version in the dev, test, PROd environments
  • Another way, instead of UI automation, APIs works better for few applications. Try this and see how it goes

Hey ushu,

Thank you for the reply.

The issue is not the Chrome browser being patched. The issue is the HTML source within the web page being hit and how it identities Chrome Tabs name between web app patches. The web pages I have automation against has the version of the web application itself in the Tab Names.

Yes, using APIs would be wonderful and best practice … no questions … but there are still many application vendors who have not had that development cultural shift yet - which honestly is a big change for many of them. It is hard to convince, or even begin a discussion, with a company (who created “The Dog” (the application) before “The Dog Food” (the APIs)) to come out with a fully developed, verified, tested, documented, and publicly accessible API endpoints.

You work with what you have :slight_smile:

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