Does the UiPath Java Extension work with Amazon Corretto


Our organisation uses the Amazon Corretto distribution of OpenJDK. I have been trying to enable the UiPath Java extension to automate a process that uses a Java app but I am still only ever able to select the entire app window and not individual elements.

When trying to map selectors UiPath is always asking me to install the Java Extension but it doesn’t ever seem to install or if it does it doesn’t appear to be working.

Does anyone know if the UiPath Java Extension is compatible with the Amazon Corretto JDK distribution?


Hi @grlawlf ,

It should work, but it may not be as straightforward, not because of the type of Java (from OpenJDK, from Oracle, from Amazon) but because of the version. The current installer knows only to install the extension for Java versions from 1.1 to 1.8 (1 to 8). Most probably, you are using a higher version (9 or more).

First, check this out: Extension for Java

If the version you are using is higher than 9, there is a different way of loading the extension. It also depends on how the app starts (whether it’s a jar file, an .exe, an applet, a .jnlp file).

If you provide here (or in private) more information on this, then I might be able to help you:

  1. What is the java version you are using?
  2. How is the application started?

Hi @vlad.coteanu ,

Thanks for coming back on this.

  1. What is the java version you are using?


  1. How is the application started?

The app is launched using a .jar

I have tried the steps listed in the link you provided for Java 9 or higher but this didn’t appear to make a difference.

I also attempted to install ScreenScarpeJavaSupport tool manually as per About the ScreenScrapeJavaSupport Tool but that also doesn’t appear to have made any difference.

Any help you can provide would be really appreciated.


So probably your command looks like: java -jar application.jar.

Check the steps 1 and 2 from here: Extension for Java.

You need to get those 4 files (from the linked article) in a folder, let’s suppose it is C:\ExtensionFiles.

After you put the files there, try to open the app like this:
java -Djavax.accessibility.assistive_technologies=UiPathJavaServiceProvider -cp application.jar;C:\ExtensionFiles\* applicationMainClassName

The above command should be typed in a terminal, opened in the same folder were application.jar is.

Thanks for updating.

I had already performed these steps earlier although it looks like earlier I had entered the main class incorrectly but I repeated the steps with the Main Class correctly entered and although the app launches fine using the command you provided, I still can only map the app window and not the actual elements within. The 4 files have been copied from the JavaSupport Directories.

When I try and click within the window to create a selector a message displays to say that UiPath cannot communicate with the Java Application and it again tries to install ScreenScarpeJavaSupport

Since you are online, do you want to connect for a short call?

That would be great if possible. what’s the best way to connect?

Thanks for you time @vlad.coteanu.

Apologies but could you add the summary in this post please as the chat ended before I could copy the summary you pasted

Hey, sure, here it is:
19:54:23 From Vlad Coteanu to Everyone : Process Explorer - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs
20:05:36 From Vlad Coteanu to Everyone : assistive_technologies=UiPathJavaServiceProvider
20:06:16 From Vlad Coteanu to Everyone : assistive_technologies=UiPath.UiPathBridge
20:07:26 From Vlad Coteanu to Everyone : 1. Add the 4 file as dependencies in the file (with checksums)
20:07:43 From Vlad Coteanu to Everyone : 2. Specify the assistive technology parameter (in the same file, or as command line parameter)

Thank you. Really appreciate your help on this

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