Does the Enterprise Edition comes with Orchestrator?

Hi, I have downloaded the UI Path and activated using trial licence key . Does this trial version of Eterprise edition comes with the Orchestrator ? How can I validate if the Orchestrator is integrated or not from UI path studio if there is a way.

Hi shankar,

Yes, the .msi file allows you to install the entire UiPath suite, but the Orchestrator component is displayed only if you run the installer as admin from the command line and IIS 7+ is installed on the machine.

About installation, prerequisites and windows installer details:

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Hi , Will I be able to do the installation without SSL certificate?

How to get the trial key license. I am facing issue while activating the trial/Community version(firewall /proxy server block) on a VM. Could you please guide me on the addresses that need to be allowed through proxy and firewall settings.