Does the Azure KeyVault sync with the VM Windows at the same time, to change the login password?

if I change the password of the unattended Robot and this will update the password stored in Azure KeyVault, does the Azure KeyVault sync with the VM Windows at the same time to change the login password too?

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Sorry I didn’t get full clarity, Kindly explain.

I have an unattended robot account which I need it to login into Windows in a VM
The password of this robot is lodged in Azure Key Vault.
If i change the password of this robot “Manage Access->Assign roles->Edit Robot” , this will update the password in Azure Key Vault.
But how does the updated password being communicated to the Windows? Do I have to separately change the password of the Windows too?

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Hey @Alan_T

You will not edit the password from orchestrator actually.

Could you please show a snap of the configuration page ?


Hello @Alan_T

Does that mean to save the credentials in the orchestrator instead of UiPath database you have separately connected to a Azure keyvault?

in this screenshot, let’s treat the credential store is “Azure Key Vault” instead of Orchestrator database.

If I changed the password over here, does the new password sync to Azure Key Vault which in turn update the VM OS password too ?
Or I have to seperately change the password of VM OS to the new password manually?

Yes, you will have to modify in the VM & then need to update in the vault manually

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Thank you Rahul,

If I update the password of the account through UIPath Orchestrator → Manage Access → Assign roles → Edit robot → update password, will this also change the password in Azure vault as well?

As I can see above you are using Orchestrator Database as the option to store password, So obviously the change made here won’t change in Azure key vault.

But if you change the Orchestrator Database option to Azure key vault provided you configured the vault in the orchestrator. The orchestrator will directly fetch the credentials from Azure Key vault - you np need to enter it here again but only the username. What ever changes you made in the Azure key vaultto the password, it will get auto fetched in the orchestrator.

Thanks Nithin

Let’s replace Orchestrator database as Azure key vault as I have not done the setup yet.

What you mentioned is to update the new password in Azure, then the updated password will get auto fetched in orchestrator.

Can I update the password the other way round? That is update the password in Orchestrator ( Manage Access → Assign roles → Edit robot → update password)
and then the new password will be automatically sync to Azure.

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That’s not possible @Alan_T

And I feel that may not be the right way too !

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No it will not. You have to update the Azure vault and the same thing will get update in the orchestrator. Not the vice versa.