Does Tester have certifications?

I want to become RPA Tester, What certification exam should I take now?
All I can see is RPA developer exams

Hello @Keerthi_Vykuntam ,

As per UiPath site, there are only 2 certifications, but none of them related specifically for Testing.
RPA Certification - Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath

If they will issue a such certification, for sure will be available on their site.

Even if there are no certifications related to that, you can always check the for their courses related to this subject.


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Hi @Keerthi_Vykuntam,

For this, you can do trainings on this on their academy site and get a certificate on same. When you go to academy and select “Test Suite” as a product, it will show up different trainings/courses(as shown below) you can undertake for same.

Along with that, you can take up below indepth course on RPA testing as well.

Doing all of these courses should be good to enhance your skills as a RPA tester :slight_smile:

Hope this info helps.


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Hi @Keerthi_Vykuntam ,

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