Does Studio support plugins?

So currently looking for documentation or information about UiPath Studio officially supporting Plugins? Any help would be appreciated.


Can you be more elaborate on what plugins you are referring to


So currently I am looking to build a plugin for UiPath but I wanted to know if UiPath has official plug in support.

Maybe you are looking for this:

So this is currently the workaround we are doing but it is severely limiting. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Soooo, the official answer is no, however it is fully extendable with plugins unofficially in my opinion. For example they recently added the text editor plugin which you can turn on or off by editing a config file. If you make a library that inherits the PluginBase class then I see no reason you cannot edit that same config file to add your new plugin.

That being said, there is zero official support for this so you kinda need to figure out how to build a new library around the PluginBase yourself.
Depending on how complex or simple your Plugin is would depend on how achievable this is?

For my own curiosity, what do you want the plugin to do?

I really think it would be a great feature to add some documentation for building plugins etc. I for example would love one that could warn me if a remote is out of date as I open a project or remember what Orchestrator folder the process ran from so I don’t have to switch it every time I open it.