Does Stop Job kill a Pending job?

Hi guys

I’m trying to ascertain if the Stop Job activity will kill a job in Pending (behind another job on a bot).

If not, does anyone have an idea on how I can automate such a thing (killing a pending job)?


Are you talking about killing the job from orchestrator ?

If yes then check below thread.

No, there’s an activity called “Stop Job” which you can build into a process.



Check this.

Thanks, but I need to know if it will stop/kill a Pending job, not just running jobs :slight_smile:

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It will stop running jobs only.

Hi @Sheri
It seems like both stop and kill job looks similar…but there is small difference that makes a big impact…
Kindly have a view on this point
Strategy - Select how to stop the job:

  • Stop - Stop the job in a safe manner, when a Should Stop activity is encountered in the workflow.
  • Kill - Forcefully stop the job, regardless of where the execution is.

In this activity we got an option to select either as stop or kill the job making sure our process is connected to the Orchestrator…and if we select stop…it will stop where the should stop occurs…or will stop abruptly when kill is chosen…

And one more thing is PENDING status tells us the process is not yet executed or not yet even connected to the machine…so in that case the process is not yet executed…and thus we are not yet met with this ACTIVITY along the workflow…so it wont stop the process which is in pending status…ONLY RUNNING STATUS of job…
Hope this would help you
Cheers @Sheri


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