Does RE-Framework is an standard templates?

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I was reviewing a code which is build without using the Re-framework.
Process is also not very much feasible to adjust in the RE-framework.
I just wanted to know does the RE-Framework is an standard for creating the automations or does the code which is created without using Re-framework will not work in the unattended mode ?

Re-framework is a standard template which provides good exception handling and logging.
It is a good practice to develop bots using REF.

Any bot that developed using REF or not, will work.

It will work depends on set of activities you are using for unattended Bot.

Their is no direct relation that bot developed with RE Framework will only Run.

It depends on point of view. You can modify a specific part to work with ReFramework. You can modify Get Transaction data based on your logic.

It always a best Practice to work with Reframework because it handle most of the thing so no need to redo them for every process.
REFramework is a framework to help developers in following Manner:

  • Provides a Robust Skeleton for Every Automation Project.
  • Build processes quicker and apply best practice principles
  • Gives you the fundamental code to create more robust processes
  • This involves clean starts and exists
  • Automated recoveries, retries, status management, logging and clean coding.
  • Gives us a high-level error handling process so that the state of the robot can change depending on what sort of error it is

If even you are not considering it you are free to modify as per your usage their no Restriction regarding that. :slight_smile:


Thanks @KarthikByggari and @aksh1yadav for the answers what I have understand from the answers that :-

  1. code develop without using REF can also run in unattended mode .
  2. REF provides ease and robust way to develop the automation however there is no restriction to use that. We can modify it as per our need.
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