Does 'Orchestrator HTTP request' activity use OAuth or does it need OAuth feature in future?

I’ve a question about ‘Orchestrator HTTP request’ activity. Does it use OAuth feature to authenticate to orchestrator?

If not, does it use API access?

It is mentioned like this in orchestrator API access under Admin>Tenant>Orchestrator Services:
Does it mean that this will affect ‘Orchestrator HTTP request’ activity also and this activity will no longer be available after orchestrator version 21.10?

@Forum_Staff and @qbrandon Can you please share your thoughts?

The Robot is already authenticated with Orchestrator (to send logs, etc…)
The Orchestrator HTTP request is simply re-using this identity (Token) to leverage the Orchestrator API.
Robot accounts are not relying on the external application OAuth implementation, but from a security perspective, this is basically equivalent.
Of course, the authentication being already taken care of, it is much more convenient to use the Orchestrator HTTP request than not.

Please do not worry about the Orchestrator HTTP request stopping from working, it does not rely on the deprecated authentication mechanism.


Thank you very much for quick response

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