Does not respect format when inserting into BD

I have an excel file that I have to read and insert into an Oracle BD.

It makes the insert correctly but instead of:
Medicación. Medicaci¿n appears

or instead of España appears Espa¿a

Any ideas to insert and respect the format?

Which activities are you using to read and insert into the database ?

Did you try to “Write Line” some of that data when transitting through your process ? It would help to know if you detect this issue after reading the data or if the issue happens once it’s written in the database.

Also, your problem is related to Encoding issue, because of special characters (accents most likely), and you’ll need to change the encoding of the data at some point in your process. The encoding type I use for French characters which use a lot of accents is “Windows-1252” in case you need that later

Hello and thanks for the answer, it is exactly a coding problem. The solution has been to put in coding: “ISO-8859-1” with that it has respected me.
All the best

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