Does it cause any problem to update Uipath?

Hi there,

Currently i’m using Uipath 2020.4.3 w/ Uipath.System.Activities 20.4.0 ver.

I wonder if i update Uipath.System.Activities to 22.* ver. will it cause error?

HI @Peace_Maker

Yes, If you need to migrate to the latest version. You have do some change inside the flow.

Check out the document


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Oh by the way…

if i leave the old Process to using Uipath.System.Activities 20.4
then for new Process to using Uipath.System.Activities 22.*

it is okay??

Hi @Peace_Maker

May be you will face some issue later. So you can upgrade all the activity to latest version.

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FYI, UiPath official document says as the following. So it’s recommneded to upgrade to higher version if there is problem. And if not, keep to use it.

Hope this helps you.


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