Does Filter Data Table activity have limit number of rows to filter?

I am so lost on this. I have a data table with many columns and rows. One of the columns is “Raw ID” which contains data such as

where X is an alphabet. Some ID’s do NOT have the last 4 digit numbers, so I temporary concatenated “MMMM” at the end to make them all look the same.
Up to this point, my program is working fine. I retrieve data from Excel sheet using Read Range, and save the data into dt_Result, of which type is DataTable.

There are about 300+ rows in this table, and I need to filter the Data Table by the condition where the last four digits/characters are “1102” or “1103” or “MMMM”.

I am using Filter Data Table activity,which looks like the following:

Note: The input and output variable name was temporarily changed, so it has an error icon, but please ignore that. In my real project, I am using the correct variable name.

After this activity, I am using Write Range activity to see what the resultant DataTable looks like. However, it seems like the datatable is not really filtered completely. About the first 170 rows seem to be filtered, but the rest aren’t. I still see many rows where the “Raw ID” contains “-1102”, “-1103”, “-MMMM”.

Can anyone tell me if there is a limit number of rows that can be filtered in Filter Data Table?

edit: Actually, it seems like it is not at all filtered correctly.
The original excel sheet has 330 rows, but the resultant DataTable also has 330 rows!!! Why is that? If filtered, the result number of rows must be smaller…I am so confused.

Hi @tomato25,
For filterdstatable no issues for 330. Rows it will work properly.

Could you share your Excel and xaml file

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Hi @tomato25

If you feel you can use with assign activity as

Dt=Dt.Select(“[Raw Id]=‘mmmm’”). copytodatatable ()


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There is no limit for the filtered rows.

Your filtered condition might be incorrect.
In your case you have to use LIKE operator for filtering the records.

tableFiltered = YourDT.Select( “[Raw ID] like ‘%1102’ OR [Raw ID] like ‘%1103’ OR [Raw ID] like ‘%MMMM’”).CopyToDataTable

Karthik Byggari

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@tomato25: If I have
understood right you want to remove the records which contains MMMM or the other numbers but in filter table you have opted the option keep for Rows filtering mode , which means the resultant table will have all the rows with the above values .

So Please change the Rows filtering mode to Remove

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