Does Excel read/write always require a physical file on disk?



All the Excel tutorial videos begin with using an Excel Application Scope activity and specifying an Excel file that is already saved to disk.

Is there any way to attach to an Excel window that hasn’t yet been persisted to disk and then read/write range and/or cells in that window… or must we always begin Excel work with a file that has been saved to disk?

While exploring alternate possibilities… I tried to Attach to Window and then use Read Cell… I get a validation warning that says “Activity is valid only inside Excel Application Scope”, which requires a physical file on disk.


Hi Bryan!

All the activities from App Integration -> Excel must be used inside an Excel Application Scope activity.
For example, if you use a non-existent excel file in the WorkbookPath(ex: “exceltest.xlsx”) and a Read Range activity, you will see an empty excel file created in the specified folder.


Right. Thanks.

I have a situation where an Excel template is popped up to agents by a web app, and when they save it… it is then auto-committed into a remote system via MS integration APIs.

I was hoping I could read/write the template simply by attaching to the open (unsaved) template window.

Looks like “no” :slight_smile: