Does Excel Application Scope run Background Queries when file is opened?

Dear All,

I have a file with Background Queries running automatically when it is opened. In my current project I need to open the file, let the query run and after it finished start processing the data.

I would like to ask if these Queries do run when I open the file with Excel Application Scope? I did not see any sign on the statusbar in Excel, but would be nice to have some kind of confirmation.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Balint1367

As per my experience if we dont enable the flag of visible within Excel Application Scope activity it works in background even if it is open but at the same time we can only see that what data is processing in it.

And at the same time if we start doing modification the bot gets stop n throws error bcz we disturb the bot while he is working.

I have tried this scenario at that time i got the error n bot stops working.

Hope this may help to solve your query
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