Does Community Edition include Unattended Robot?

Hello, I have a one quick question.
Does community edition include Unattended Robot?
I plan to implement Orchestrator from now on and testing with Community Edition in testing Environment. I thought that community edition doesn’t include Unattended Robot but I can do use scheduled function on Orchestorator with community edition so i wonder it include Unattended Robot or not.

no. it will have two non production robots… but you can use scheduled function.

Thank you for replying. I understood it.
It is explained here, isn’t it? Robots

One more question;
If you buy an attended robot licence, you can use unattended function technically(Of course it is violated the term of service)? if not, how is it controlled?

I don’t think you could able to schedule an attended robot. and also you cannot trigger on a system in locked condition with attended robot.

Okay, I got it. Thank you very much.