Does anyone remember.... (attended triggers unattended with feedback loop)

I have a scenario where I want someone to be able to run an attended bot to upload items to a queue. Queue items are then processed by unattended bot(s), and then the attended bot tells the attended bot user that the work is complete and provides an output summary.

I know I saw someone to this really nicely on a hackathon video a few years back. I recall they had a mini-browser on the client machine that showed progress as the queued items were processed.
But I can’t find the video or any other details now.

Does anyone remember it? Are you able to point me in the right direction?

Alternatively, if you have a slick way of doing this, then I am keen to hear your thoughts.

Hi @JohnMac,

I think you can investigate Inter Process Communication (IPC) activities. But from the test @loginerror performed, it looks like your request will be challenging : Inter Process Communication Overview - News / Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum

But it may work for you as I dont think this feature has recieved enough feedback from the community.

Possible solution design without IPC:

  1. Attended bot sends item to queue much as an unattended robot to a queue
  2. An unattended robot gets triggered based on new items in the queue and runs ProcessA in a dedicated server/vdi
  3. An attended robot / process checks the status of unattended robot and if it is not busy running the ProcessA and the Queue has 0 queue items left. Then provide user an update that ProcessA is finished.

Do post your findings, I am interested to know what works for such cases.

I was thinking along similar lines, but I’m mindful that multiple Attended users may send things to the queue. So:

  • Queue items are created with a unique reference. References are held in a datatable in the Attended bot.
  • Attended bot triggers unattended job to start on one or more bots
  • Attended bot enters a loop where it checks the status of queue items filtered by unique reference. Status is updated in the DT, including any error messages and/or output in the queue item
  • When all items are in an end state in the queue (success/fail) then the unattended bot consolidates the output data and outputs it to the Attended bot user.