Does anybody know the type of commits that the UiPath Studio GUI uses? CRLF stored as LF, no change or just CLRF?

Hi, trying to integrate the use of Git Bash for some with the native Git support in UiPath. I’m wondering what option to choose in Git bash so that everything is stored consistently.

Therefore, does UiPath convert CRLF to LF for the remote, then pulls it as CRLF, only have CRLF, or just leave it all as is? This is as per the options given when you install Git Bash for the first time.

@AlexanderERoss we don’t explicitly set or modify CRLF and we honor the configuration from gitconfig.


Thanks, that’s helpful.

If Git is installed by UiPath, what default CRLF properties does it use? Or is this just a Git-Bash thing?