Does anybody know the same case? (Trashed code exist in xaml)

Hi all,

I faced something weird situation in my xaml file, when I open it in UiPath Studio, that is seems fine but when I run that, that behaves like my old code…

Actually, I found root cause. when I opened the xaml file, there is duplicated code one is my old code and other is my new code and latter one does not connected to anything so it works like my old code…

If anybody know the same case, please suggest it to me.
Thanks in advance,


Hi Jumbo,

Could you please provide more details so we can investigate this?

Studio version
Does this happen with a specific xaml?
You said “there is duplicated code”. Is this the case when Studio didn’t close properly and it generates the Main(Autosaved).xaml?

Hi @ovi,

Here is my detail. If you know something or you can reproduce the same issue, please let me know.

Studio version: 18.1.2

  • Not auto saved version.
  • I cannot provide it for security reason
  • I can edit it properly however when I use debug, it will lead me to old code. Also if I open it with notepad, there is 2 code exist with the same sequence name.
  • Perhaps, it is because of deep nest, the confused sequence is on 9th layer from top
  • After I lined all connection for each sequence, now it’s working fine but old code still exist in my xaml file.