Does a date fall within a date range

I am working on a payroll project, it references a payroll calendar in excel with start dates in one column and end dates in another. If we make a change to an employees payroll record we want to put the effective date of the change as the start date of the next payroll cycle. So if the bot runs today and has 10 employee records to update it wants to look up the next closest payroll start date. Whats the best way to go about this?

Hy @Jesse_Mack,

To change excel you can use the ‘Write cell’ activity, inside the Excel Applicaiton Scope,
there you point the cells you want to change and the values.

Any question please let me know.


thank you for reaching out william, i am going to better explain my situation in a new post. i left out some important material

Well the situation is that I need to reference the table:
Payroll Start | Payroll End
1/1/2020 | 1/6/2020
1/7/2020 | 1/13/2020
1/14/2020 | 1/20/2020

I get a list of 10 people that need to have a change in SAP regarding their payroll information and I receive this on 1/4/2020. When i go to SAP i need to insert an effective date into this record update and i need to get the start date of the next payroll cycle. So I am looking for a way to read this excel table and get the payroll start date for the next cycle, so in this case i would be putting 1/7/2020 in the sap record. I am not sure how to do this. Sorry i wasn’t clear.