DocuSign Activity - Adding Attachments Issue

Hi All,

We have been struggling with getting around the DocuSign activity integration for sometime now, so wanted to check if anyone has faced similar issue or have found a work around for it. Also, this issue would call for an update in the activities available currently for the DocuSign.

We were able to send out envelope using the DocuSign activities with multiple attachments, multiple recipients and specific Subject and that works perfectly fine. Here, we are using the ‘Create Envelope And Send’ activity.

The issue is that we also need to send certain message (static) along with the Envelope. We currently do not see any input where we can add a custom message.

As a work around, we tried using the Template where the default message is already there. The issue here is:

  • When we use the ‘Create Envelope From Template’ activity, it doesn’t have input for adding the attachments.
  • Neither, the ‘Send Envelope’ activity has an option for adding the attachments.

When the ‘Create Envelope And Send’ has input for adding the attachments, either the ‘Create Envelope’ and ‘Create Envelope From Template’ or ‘Send Envelope’ also should have the ability to add the attachments. Seems to be a disconnect here.

We can use the ‘Invoke DocuSign Operation’ to some how add the attachments to the Envelope but it would have been very simple if the activities present had the ability to add the attachments.

Really appreciate if anyone has any input to unpuzzle the above scenario.


Hi Bibek,

This is great feedback, and we will get these on the backlog for future improvements. Unfortunately for now the workarounds involve a few steps:

If you want to add attachments after Create Envelope from Template, you can get the EnvelopeID from the return object in that activity and use that with Create Attachment, which despite the name will add an attachment to the Envelope. You can then use the Send Envelope activity to send it.

The Create Envelope and Send - to allow a custom body we’d have to add a new parameter as currently it calls several methods behind the scenes.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for writing back promptly.

If there was an activity to add / create attachment, that would have been perfect but I don’t seem to find any activity with that name, Create Attachment. Am I missing something here? Attached the list of activities that I see within the DocuSign Package Integration.

Apologies if I’m looking into something completely different and appreciate your help.


Sigh - sorry there. It was an activity we designed but never completed. The only work-around for now then is to use the Update Envelope activity, or use the Invoke Method to call the Create method for Envelope Attachments.

No worries. I figured that might be the case.

I do not see any component within the Update Envelope to achieve this as well. Invoke Method is the one we are looking into currently.

If you have any further suggestion, would really appreciate it.


Hi Bibek,

Did you find a solution for adding an attachment?
I see Invoke Method and try the EnvelopeAttachments: Attachments_PutAttachment.
Is this where I need to add the attachment and how can I add a document to a EnvolopeAttachmentsRequest variable?
Thanks in advance.