DocUnders issue: You are using a fixed position configuration for field

Hello Friends,

I’m trying to create a template for a multipage/type document.

But when i submitted the result of tempate extraction fields i have this issue:

You are using a fixed position configuration for field ‘Patient’s name’, that requires you to also provide ‘Page 1 Matching Information’. Please select at least 5 relevant words for correct template identification.

The information is in page 4 and i had passed more than 5 words to identify it:

what could be the problem?

Thanks for help

Hi @abdel ,

You would require to provide the words related to the Pages in the document, so that the Form Template/ Form Extractor could be able to identify the Pages correctly.

If you have n number of pages, you would require to provide words related/present in each of those pages as Page Matching info.

Maybe the below docs would help :

HI @abdel

To identify the document you have to select the 5 Keywords initially.
Take tokens selection>click on One matching word by long press Ctrl key you can select the random words.

And it shows only the page matching info only, it is not shown any words extracted, it is simply shows custom selection, that it means The selected data extracted,please note that carefully.


i had done the right work but it shows always: