Documentation on regular expressions

I’m new to UiPath, and am trying to learn more about regular expressions. I’m using RegEx builder and have chosen Advanced. Simple example: I enter the value ^([A-Z][\w]{7,20})*$ which ensures the value entered is between 8-20 characters and begins with a capital letter. However, I’m wondering if there a link to a page that describes ALL of the various expressions and what they mean such as ^, \w, etc.? I would love to see a comprehensive list of all expressions that can be used so I can learn more about them.

Since Regex’s are used for multiple applications and generally follow the same syntax, learning about RegEx’s in general is sufficient.

You can find a tutorial on what you can do with regular expressions here.

This is perfect. Thank you Anthony!

Hi, also new to RegEx. Can you help me understand why this does not allow 21 characters?

I thought [A-Z] is matching the first char. And then {7-20} would repeat 7 to 20 times after the first char. That is why there is a 7 not and 8. So I expected 19 and not 20.
Wouldn’t ^([A-Z][\w]{7,19})*$ would match up to 20 characters and fail 21

Any help appreciated

You are correct