Document Understanding workflow: will it work only with attended bots?

Hi, a general question here:

Is Document Understanding designed solely for attended automation?
The way I envision it is that there is a human at the station where the Doc Understanding process happens and they need to manually intervene each time during validation step and so on
Can someone help me understand is there any possibility to make a use case of DocUnderstanding in unattenden process running in the background? Would it only be possible provided that Validation step is skipped, or can it be delegated and delayed? (e.g. by exporting the validation step via link in e-mail to the validator?)


Hi @salladinne ,

Yes, It is very much possible.

We do not export Validation Station in the Mail, Rather we have Tasks created in the Action Center to Validate the fields by the Human where we can send this particular link in the mail so that the users can Click on it and be redirected to Action Center (Provided they have access).

Also, the Validation Station can be Skipped. It is dependent on the Requirements/Process that is in use. If there is high chance of the data being invalid/not accurate, it might needed for a Human to Validate it else, we’ll not need to use the Validation Station and we can directly export the Extraction Results.

Thanks Arpan, do we have any detailed description/videos/materials on how the Action Center works exactly (showing its interface, example of workflows as seen by the validator that is part of such unattended automation), that you would recommend?

@salladinne ,

For Starters, You could Check the Document Understanding Process Template which is already available in the Templates Section in Studio.

It already consists of example data which can be used for demonstration, all we need is to Edit the Config file and Create/Add Storage Buckets/Assets required by the Template.

It also has two methods of Execution, As Attended Automation where The Validation Station will Pop up in the System itself and the Unattended Method, where the Validation is taken to the Action Center.

Hope the exploration of the Activities present in this template will help you gain more information on it.

More Info on the Activities/Features being used is present below :

Hi @salladinne

Please have a look,

Hope this helps,


Hey, this looks good, but quick question: I’ve reviewed a couple of videos on Action Centre and what I’ve understood is that all those Pending Actions are in the Automation Cloud - how do the users get to that though? Is the requirements for automation that all the users that can be assigned to a task must have an Automation Cloud/Action Center access granted? Or is there a way to create a forward of this task to an external form, so that a user can do it via attachment in e-mail or a generated link that takes him to an externally generated page?

Hi @salladinne

Yes your right the Action Center access needs to be granted for the users to act on the Assigned task, also after creating an Action you can trigger an email to the users just notifying that an action has been created, along with the Action Id.


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