Document Understanding - Validation Station

Hey - I am currently building a process using Document Understanding framework. I have build my process flow but when I have the bot read a PDF it is not picking up all the items on the page.

When the validation station presents itself I can’t even select the correct fields as it is not identifying them correctly.

It can’t identify items in the table in the PDF and it doesn’t allow me to select them either.

Does anyone know why this would be? Would it be the OCR engine in the Digitise scope? I’ve tried multiple OCR engines and I am getting the same result. Is there anyway I can have the bot understand the elements on the PDF better?

Have you tried different OCR scales or profile?

Hi @Bob2 , This needs to be handled at the OCR engine level. Try using UiPath Document OCR. It works best with UiPath Document Understanding.

Hello - do you mean the OCR engine in the digitise scope? Or am I missing an OCR engine somewhere