Document Understanding Process - 2022.6-preview Release

Hello everyone!

:fireworks: :loudspeaker: :sparkler: We are very excited to announce the 2022.6-preview release of the Document Understanding Process.

Important Changes in 2022.6-preview:

  • Official support for C#
  • Introduction of Asset naming convention, for better visibility of the Document Understanding Assets in Orchestrator
  • New overriding Assets for Orchestrator Configuration
  • Various bug-fixes

I am including in this post the updates for 2022.4 release as well.
Important Changes in 2022.4:

  • Official support for .NET 5.0.
  • Various minor improvements & bug-fixes
  • As .NET 4.6.1 & 4.6.2 is deprecated, Legacy processes are no longer supported

Stay tuned for updates, as we have quite a few items under work.

To get a new Document Understanding project started, simply select the template in UiPath Studio and select it.

We recommend to carefully read the enclosed User Guide, even if you’re already familiar with the solution. The latest guide is always enclosed when you create a new project and can always be found here .


@Sergiu.Wittenberger, @Alexandru-Luca and Teo!


Great work; is there a possibility you can consider adding Endpoints for Certificates especially Qualifications Certificate in future?.

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Thanks for this update @Sergiu.Wittenberger, @Alexandru-Luca , @Teodora_Patrascu


What exactly do you mean?

I mean we have Forms, Smartcards ,Receipt ,and Invoices for Extraction so is a way in future to add certificates like Qualifications as they come in different format. I was doing text extraction on certificates and I struggled as I had to use different techniques.

We haven’t added such a ML model as we didn’t have a clear request. You can always create a model, starting from our base Document Understanding model whatever you want.