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Hi every one, I want to create a final form with few Id cards attachments after extracting details from those I’d cards using parallel for each loop, for example I have queue item that consists of have 3 attachments and I want to extract details from those attachements using parallel for each loop(action center included) and finally I want to make a form with those 3 attachments extracted details individually in action center how can I do that? I pls help me
@NIVED_NAMBIAR @Palaniyappan yappan

@Suresh_reddy2, do you have different types of ID cards in the I/P or the same type? If more then have to use classifiers.

Have you prepared your Taxonomy, with all the required fields needed to be extracted? If you’ve prepared a proper Taxonomy, then you have to use an Extractor to extract the Data from the defined Fields.

After extracting you have to use “Create Document Data Validation Action” and “Wait For Document Data Validation Action And Resume” activities. Note: these two are persistent activities.

NOTE: Above step you can skip is based on your extractor’s confidence value. If you have kept a confidence level - 90 as a minimum, then if it is over 90 you can skip.

Once you’re done with a valid setup in Action Center(AC), you can see the extracted results in the AC, based on the Human Validation in AC your extraction results will be exported to a spreadsheet.

P.S. If you want to integrate DU with AC then I guess no need to create additional forms manually.

Have any more queries? Happy to help! :blush:

@ManiPrajwal_K thanks for help here creating final form is client requirement it is must and I have to create one final form for one transaction item that consists of multiple documents for each transaction item document processing I am using parallel for each, at the end I need to create a final form with those transaction 1 item documents and created data individual tabs in the form and repeat for transaction item2