Document Understanding Insights Dashboards - Public Preview


We’re excited to announce we’re finally publicly previewing our Document Understanding Insights Dashboards, which will provide reporting dashboards to showcase how the Document Understanding framework is performing in your document processing automation.

In this sense, in Insights, one will find 2 dashboards:

  1. An overview Dashboard, showcasing metrics around the total number of workflows run (containing Document Understanding), the time saved, number of processed documents etc.
  2. A project Dashboard, showcasing process-specific metrics around the performance & documents processed, framework components (classification, validation, extraction and training) for various timeframes & processes.

You should be able to find the Dashboards within your Insights instance

and they will be fed with data from your Studio and Studio Web processes :dancer:t2:

Pre-requisites for using the Dashboards

  1. Have the Document Understanding and Insights service enabled, on the same tenant.

  2. Enable the Insights Dashboards on the Tenant Profile of Document Understanding
    Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 17.43.29

  3. In Studio (minimum Studio 2022.10): enable the option to check the telemetry data from *Settings → General → Telemetry → “Send anonymous usage data” and use the Document Understanding Activities having at least the following versions:

  • Intelligent OCR Package 6.5.0
  • DU.ML Package 1.17.0
  • DocumentUnderstanding Package 2.2.0
  1. In Studio Web, the data will be reported automatically.
  2. In order to have data populated in the Insights Dashboards, one needs to run workflows having the packages listed above.

Known limitations

  1. No data about the AI Units yet - will come in a later release.


We’re eager to hear what you’re think! How can the dashboards improve your processes? Anything we’re missing? :slight_smile:


It’s amazing. Now we can have a better look at DU performance.

One question
My company is still working in old consumption method (pages instead IA units) and we need to split consumption by project to divide cost between departments that using DU. So, in insights when IA units metrics comes in, the old consumption method will work also ?

UiPath doesn’t have any method to get pages consumption by project ? through api, internally etc ?

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Hey @rikulsilva !

Thanks for your feedback :pray:
The insights dashboards would work based on AI Units - maybe have your company reach out to UiPath to switch?
Currently, we do not provide a means for customers to see how their AI Units have been consumed - however, we plan to do so in the future/with future versions of the Insights Dashboards.

Hope it helps,