Document understanding in Studiox

Hi Team,

Few days back when I had a session with some line of business, they were so excited to know more about Document understanding
And all those LoB are trained only with studioX - Citizen developer programs

For now I believe we have DU done through studio only

Will there be an option in studioX as well to develop process on DU

Like how we have a template in studio for document understanding process, we can have one in studioX and enable citizen developers to explore document understanding


Hey @Palaniyappan ,

That’s right, at the moment, the Document Understanding activities are on Studio as they aren’t citizen developer friendly and would require a more advanced users such as RPA Devs. We are currently working on having them available in StudioX as well in a citizen developer friendly UX. I’ve noted your feedback and we can let you know once this is available.