(DOCUMENT UNDERSTANDING)Export Extraction Result activitie Doesn´t work in orchestrator background process

I´m having an error in “Export Extraction Result” activitie while executing a background process (Document Understanding) in orchestrator:

The process works perfect in the machine, and I have activated the options in proyect settings(Studio):
-Starts in Background=True
-Supports persistance=True
@Lahiru.Fernando love your videos!

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Hey @aitor.bengoetxea
Thank you so much for the mention my friend! Really means a lot! :slight_smile:

About the error - can you share a screenshot on how you have configured the Extraction Scope activity?

Just thanks for your videos man, it really helps a lot.

The problem is that is works just perfect when I run the process in the machine. But when I run it from orchestrator it just doesnt work…

only thing that can happen here is, vAutomaticExtractionData variable is not having any data.

So, we should see, why that is happening when running from Orchestrator.
Few points to check:

  • Can you also show me how you configure the Extraction Scope, the extractors you use and how you have configured the properties etc…

Also, try adding some log messages to check the values of these variables. (not all the values in it, atleast the count etc…)

I got the solution! The problem was not the Extraction Result activitie…The problem was because I have a realtive path on the “Wait” activitie. I have changed the path to this one and it works perfect:

Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando for your help!!

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Hey… I’m sorry for the late reply… Got busy with some meetings and just finished…

Happy to know that you found the solution…
Great work my friend! @aitor.bengoetxea

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