Document Understanding different Certificate

Hello Community,
i have 4 different template of covid certificate i want to extract from template like beneficiary name,age ,gender,date of dose,vaccinated by and vaccinated at. but i am not able to extract using document understanding.
could you please help me how i can extract from all template.
Thanks in Advance

Hi @Akash_Javalekar ,

Yeah we can do that using Document Understanding Framework. We have to Create a Taxonomy and define all the Required fields and also, Try to add all templates in “Data Extraction Scope”.
Document (2.3 MB)

and Follow the Document Understanding Framework Steps. Also, I have above attached the Solution kindly take look on it.
• Taxonomy
• Digitize
• Classify
• Extract data scope
• Present Validate State and Export data

Happy Learning !!

Thank you so much really appreciate your help

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