Document Understanding - Data Manager Public Preview in Automation Cloud

:loudspeaker: We are happy to announce the public preview release of the Document Understanding Data Manager version for Automation Cloud! :partying_face:

Data Manager is the key tool used to build datasets for training Document Understanding ML Models in AI Center, but it was only publicly available on premises until now. Starting today, we have brought the convenience and ease of use of Automation Cloud to Data Manager. If you have AI Center in the Cloud, then you have Data Manager!

The version being released does not have a limitation on the amount of data you can manage with it, but it still has a limit on the number of pages you can import in one go: 500 pages. If you have a larger batch you need to import, please slice it up and import it in chunks smaller than 500 pages for now. We are working hard to remove this limitation in the next few weeks.

Please check it out and feel free to share the feedback :raised_hands: This is only the beginning of a beautiful story: Document Understanding + Automation Cloud = :heart:

Found any inconsistency, bug, area of improvement? Don’t hesitate to share your insights here! :arrow_down_small:


Hi @alexcabuz is me again.
Still has the same problem here, i can’t create Data Labeling App.
What should i do to solve the problem?

Hello @pitaty can you please go to Profile screen and share tenant name, account id and tenant id?


We will investigate.

Hello @alexcabuz,
Hope you are doing well… i am also facing this issue of not able to create new Data labeling session to migrate my old data labeling session created early after enrolling in insider program… attaching details you requested please also help me find solution to this problem.

Stay Safe