"Document type is: " + autoClassification.Item(0).DocumentTypeId - Doing something wrong?


Trying to get the DocumentTypeId from the ClassificationResults using Classify Document Scope and using

"Document type is: " + autoClassification.Item(0).DocumentTypeId

getting error - Item is not a member of System.Array?

Any help appreciated.

@davendra, Can you please provide more detail? Which activity are you using? What is DataType of autoClassification?


This will help.

@davendra, Looks good to me.

  1. Please ensure DataType of autoClassification variable is IReadOnlyList< ClassificationResult >
  2. Ensure autoClassification variable is not NULL
  3. Alternatively, Can you try the following line and share results?

"Document type is: " + autoClassification(0).DocumentTypeId


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Magic ! Thanks alot ! Duh !!

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