Do you want to use an Anchor? Recording stops

I never used the Macro Recorder before (just build some my first project directly in Studio) now I want to help a customer with automation and it seems to be a real pain (see my former posting with ESC-Key problems).

We try to just close a search windows in Excel, ESC is not working, if we click the close button UIPath asks “Do you want to use an Anchor?” but no matter what I click here, it stops recording afterwards (recording continues, but activities are not “recorded”).


The Anchor is asked for because the Recorder needs a reliable element it needs to anchor to before it can click on something or type into something else.

You can opt to say Don’t use Anchor and then check if you can Tab through to the close button and close the Search box.

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Thanks, I know… Was to complicated to explain to the customer. We needed some temporary task to just copy some excel data, without failsave, window focus etc. just Keypress-Events.

We used another Maco Recorder for that purpose.
I was hoping that you could use UIPath for simple tasks like that, but it is the wrong tool for this kind of task.

My mistake