Do you know how UiPath's Git integration works?

Can you explain to me how UiPath’s git integration works? Particulary as it relates to managing conflicts. I’ve reviewed UiPath’s documentation but it isn’t very helpful.

Based on my experimentation it seems like a Merge requires you to choose one file or the other; there’s no ability to review individual changes and choose between them.

The Rebase (both in Pull and Manage Branches) seems to pop-up several windows consecutively for you to choose between changes. My guess is that this is going through the changes one commit at a time? But there is no clear indicator of whether that is true. Also not clear which version (left or right) is which branch since they say “Remote” and “Local”. Sometimes it seems like it is just repeating itself over and over.

It just isn’t intuitive at all and I’m trying to figure out the right way to approach development with a team. My only solution so far has been to split the file into several workflows and have people work on those workflows one at a time, but that sort of defeats the main benefit of using git.

Any Updates??

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