Do wild card need to be escaped or just do not work in ModifyText with Find and Replace

Occasionally I need to clean up a product text by removing trail SKU information. For Example.

Chocolate Ice Cream - (PU31A)
When I use literal characters all works as expected.

However whe I attemp to use * as a wild card the entire find string is ignored.

Been through the docs, which are not very clear are wild cards supported?
Do wild cards need to be escaped?
If wild cards are not supported I’m open to any and all suggestions.
Thanks in advance,


I don’t think Modify text supports wild card.
If you want to extract the string to the left of a specific string, can you try Text to Left/Right as the following?


You can also handle it as replace if combine other string to the above result.


Thank you Yoichi, you solved it. Added a couple of carefully nested if then statements and bang, problem solved.
You have my gratitude.

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