Do while loop not breaking once condition is met

Hello! I am trying to create a workflow that will log into a program. The workflow I have a problem with is below

What I am trying to do is if the position of the cursor is at 07/15 (row 7, column 15), input username, and if it isn’t, keep pressing tab until it is at the position specified above. However the do while is not stopping at the condition I gave and is an infinite loop.

How would I exit this loop?

we dont have a assign activity inside the DO WHILE activity to assigns value to the variable userPosition

Cheers @Hisuhong

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Hm I’m still getting the same problem :frowning:

Looking at the loop it looks like userPosition keeps storing the value of 08/15, even when the position changes. So it looks like the position is not being updated as it keeps pressing tab… I used get visible text activity to find the value of the position.

Oh nevermind I got it @Palaniyappan . I had to add the get visible text activity in the while loop before the assign to get it to update the values in real time. Thank you for your help!

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