Do we need to purchase Domain address and SSL certificate for non production orchestrator license

Hi Team,
I have a issue before implementing the non production orchestrator license.
Do I need to purchase domain address or SSL certificate for non-production orchestrator license.

You can host it on a server, so yes technically you’ll have to invest there.

and yes SSL needs to be there. If it’s entreprise, I think that is not an issue to get from network team and install.

It seems you’ve done it for prod already then just take it as there are two different orchestrator database to be manage and configure. that will require their own resources.

@rahulsharma , Thanks for the reply, I want to know about the use of purchase license domain address for production that will be useful. But on non-production do we require to purchase or not?

@rahulsharma , I know an SSL certificate required for the production as well as for non production. this is about domain address required of purchasing or not.

Hi @Majunu09 ,

There are two types of certificates we can create for orchestrator server.

  1. Web certificate issued by thrid party like godaddy etc. this is more robust way of using certificates mostly we can procure certificate from them with our domain name. always get certificate like * so that you can use this same certificate different environments. like if you get certificate for the prodution you can use the same certificate for Non-production. As suggested by @rahulsharma this involved some cost.

  2. Self sigend certificate. this is for free we can create in the server and use it for the https but wherever you are installing the robots for each and every VM you have to import this certificate into those machines then only the public URL of orchestrator works fine. this is not the robust way but if you don’t have web certificate you can go for this approach.

for more information please refer the below link and let us know if you need any additional details.


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Yes if you need a different orchestrator instance then it’ll have to be in a different domain.

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@kirankumar.mahanthi1 , I got point. this is a non-production license that I am going to use this license only for internal purposes development and testing within the campus, so I’ll be sharing this robot or the link orchestrator only with those who work with me. then self sign certificate good or do I need to purchase web certificate.
If I use self-sign certy then each time I need to import the SSL certy for individual VM’s.

Hi @Majunu09 ,

Yeah for the internal purpose you can create self signed certificate. No need to go for web certificate. you have to import the certificate into all the vm’s you are working with otherwise you cannot access the Orchestrator URL.

if you move it to production environment my suggestion to go for web certificate. thanks.


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@kirankumar.mahanthi1 @rahulsharma , Thank you for the support.

Your most welcome @Majunu09 .

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