Do we need to pay for Test Orchestrator additionally even if we have purchased Prod Orchestrator License

While purchasing the license for Production orchestrator previously we also got the license keys for Dev, Test, and disaster recovery orchestrators. But now there is a talk that this licensing model has changed and now we will have to pay additionally to get license for Dev and Test orchestrator, is this right ?
Is this applicable to the customers who want to update their existing license also, if so that will be a huge issue for the ongoing project developments as they started the process considering only the cost for production licenses.
Can anyone clarify about this.


Hi there,

It is true that some changes were made, as follows:

A pricing scheme was attached to all licenses for non-production purposes: Dev & Test Orchestrators (or any other non-production Orchestrator set-up) and non-production robots.

However the price is just a small fraction of the production licenses price, so the cost increase wouldn’t be significant.

Moreover, existing customers should not be affected by the change and should be allowed to continue using the existing licenses under the terms initially agreed. These changes are applicable only moving further and discounts can be negotiated.

This is my current knowledge on the topic at least, your account manager should have additional details :slight_smile:


So its true! Its a shocking change in the license policy from UiPath. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

based on Sales Ops knowledge: it seems we have an internal misunderstanding. We did some changes for reporting and standardization reasons, but it does not affect the pricing policy we have with our customers. Basically, it remains the same: While purchasing the license for Production orchestrator the customer can also get the license keys for Dev, Test, and disaster recovery orchestrators.


Our latest invoice from UiPath shows that there is a small price for non production components also. The non production orchestrator costs 20% of the price of production orchestrator. The non-production robot cost 5% of production robot.

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We are in progress to setup non production orchestration. would like to learn How it is different from Enterprise standard ( did configure for Prod) ? Does it have all Orch objects and features like Multi tenancy, Folders -Classic/modern, Queue, Assets etc? any limitation on managing fleet of unattended and attended bot etc ?