Do we need constant internet connection to run UiPath scripts in community edition?

My Desktop applications are all inside a secured Remote Desktop which has no Internet, I can not move the applications out of RDP due to Info sec issuees but i can get a special approval if for only one time internet is needed to activate community edition then it is possible but if UiPath requires internet on every run then it is not possible so please comment on this

It appears you can run a workflow from studio community edition without internet, however you lose out on all the functionality of orchestrator, as well as being able to download and install new packages which can be very necessary for workflows.

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Thanks for your reply, this is really helpful, I understand the limitation but my applications are inside secured RDP so no internet anyways. I’m ok with no orchestrator.
I’m curious whether after first time license verification, Do I need internet for any other purposes to run the workflows

I have another question whether UI Path will force me to reactivate the free license in any regular intervals?

Hi @Mohanraj_Murugesan

Studio CE checks the license every time is restarted. So after you first opened and licensed Studio, you can still develop automations if there is no internet connection, but next time you open it will require internet con nection to do the license check. This is because the CE is free and this is one of the limitations, that is required to be in an online environment.

For CE, the license will be automatically renewed by UiPath, you, as a user, won’t need to renew it. If you’re using the product, each 365 days since the first activation the renewal will happen automatically.