Do UiPath provide the Korean language package?

Hey there!

Do UiPath provide the Korean language package?
I’m asking this question because the OCR function(activities) doesn’t really work well with other languages except English.

Any ides or suggestions?

Did you try this.


Hey ddpadil! Thank you for your advice! Where could I download the addtional language pack for Korean? Could you perhaps let me know the weblink?

I think its available in the same link


Should I download this file? It seems like this one is over 3 years old lol Would it work well with Korean?

haha give a try.
Else try this


Thanks man!

A quick question on your link,
Do you know how to update this patch after you download it?

the instruction says;

1.Download the language that you want to install from the table below. This should result in a file like
2.Unzip the file. This should result in a file like xxx.traineddata.
3.Drag this file onto your PDF OCR X Application Icon (same way you convert PDF files to text).
4.If everything went OK you should receive a message saying that the language has been installed correctly.

and I have no idea on how to do no.3 lol

It would be great if you reply,


just copy the xxx.traineddata in tessdat folder and give try.
C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\tessdata


Thanks man! It works fine now :slight_smile: I appreciate it!