Do there any means of "expiring" Transaction Items?

We have a timing window requirement within our processing.

Pretty sure the answer is no but still going to ask - Is there anyway to mark a Transaction Action item with a “Do Not Process After date/time” ?

Which would essentially abandon transaction items which are still in a “New” status after a specific time.

You’d have to have your automation get the item, check when it was created, and then decide whether or not to process it.

This means you want to block the queue item from processing if they crossed a timestamp(deadline)?

This is possible using the Risk SLA, user might decide to proceed or not. Not exactly sure about your usecase, but surely you can give that a try. Search for Risk SLA in below doc, you will get clarity whether it meets your needs

Hope this helps!!!

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Oh … nice … Queue SLA may work there. Thanks for recommending that.

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