Do robots need to be upgraded when Orchestrator is upgraded?


I am planning an upgrade of on-prem Orchestrator from 2019.10 to 2021.4. Do I also need to upgrade the robots on the prod servers that run unattended bots to 2021.4 or can I leave them at 2019.10?

have a look to the official info on this topic:


Robot and Studio of 2019.10.x is compatible with Orchestrator on perm version of 2021.4

We don’t need to upgrade studio and robot in your case

Usually by not upgrading, you are restricted to using the features of the smallest installed version of either Robot or Orchestrator.

And if you have a plan to upgrade, It is usually recommended to first upgrade your Orchestrator and then your Robots. In this scenario, the Robots have to be reconnected to Orchestrator after the update.

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I see the note stating ‘Robots 2019.10 and older cannot execute unattended processes in modern folders’. What are ‘modern folders’ and how can I tell if I am using them? The production processes are unattended and I do not want them to be impacted.

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